Plant Facilities

Processing Plant



     Our state-of-the-art seafood processing plant opened for business in January 2002. The plant is fully enclosed and air-conditioned, and is designed and operated to achieve European Union, US FDA and HACCP standards. It is one of the most modern facilities in the Caribbean. We have two automated shrimp (seabob) peeling machines. We process a wide range of seafood products, including shrimp, seabob and prawns, for frozen export. The plant is capable of processing over one million pounds of seafood per month.


     The plant also includes blast-freezing and cold storage facilities and a modern ice factory supplied by our own treated and carbon-filtered artesian water supply, backed up by an online 100,000-plus gallon water storage facility.


     We presently produce 100 tonnes of ice per day, making us a major producer of ice, which we supply to trawlers and fishing boats apart from those in our fleet.


     Our seafood products and our water supply are regularly tested by the Government Analyst Food and Drug Department.




     Enterprise operates a fleet of seven shrimping trawlers and a few red snapper boats. Our boats are equipped with Turtle Excluder Devices.(TEDs).







B.M. Enterprise Inc.

Houston, East Bank Demerara

Guyana, South America

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