B.M. Enterprises Inc. with a combination of consistent quality and value, have been supplying the highest quality selection of seafood items. We can accommodate all your frozen seafood needs.  All our products are processed fresh from the sea, packed in high quality ice, storage crates and boxes and shipped in refrigerated containers.

Our products are very popular & in high demand in our local market.


Listed below include some of our seafood products:


v  Banga Mary (Whole Gutted, Pan Ready or Fillet)

v  Butter Fish (Whole Gutted or Fillet)

v  Grey Snapper (Fillet, Steak or Whole Gutted)

v  Trout (Whole Gutted, Pan Ready, Fillet & Skinless Fillet or Steak)

v  Prawns (Frozen Prawns Large, White, Medium Brown, Small Brown)

v  Frozen Seabobs (Peeled Small or Large)

v  Red Snapper (Whole Gutted)

v  Croaker Basha (Pan Ready)

v  White Fish (Catfish – Fillet)

v  Mackerel (Whole Gutted, Steak)

v  Silver Snapper (Whole Gutted, Fillet)

v  Red Tilapia (Whole Gutted, GGS and Dresses and Fillet)

v  Squib

v  Saltfish

v  Crab (Frozen Crab Meat, Parboiled, W


All are under the ANGEL SEAFOOD BRAND.







B.M. Enterprise Inc.

Houston, East Bank Demerara

Guyana, South America

Tel #: (592) 227 8175 or (592) 227 7954

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