Freon Gas

     Freon Gases are pure, non-toxic gases or liquids which have typically been used as refrigerants and as aerosol propellants. These gases ensure efficient cooling and are extensively used in air conditioning and refrigeration systems.


     B.M. Enterprises is one of the top importers of Freon Gas at one of the most competitive Prices to Guyana.


Types of Freon Gases


v  134 A

    30 lbs cylinder (Ozone Friendly)

                     For the use of Auto A/C’s & Air Conditioners.


v  404 A

                        24 lbs Cylinder (Ozone Friendly)

                       For the use of Storage Freezers, Refrigerant Container.


v  408 A

                        24 lbs Cylinder (Ozone Friendly)

                       For the use of Meat Freezers, Refrigerant Systems.









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